Dario Carta is a graphic designer, educator, historian, and anthropologist specializing in visual communication. With a Master’s Degree in History and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology he founded in 2013 the studio #cartadesign. The studio focuses on cultural projects, including designing visual systems for exhibitions and cultural institutions, specializing in editorial projects, and creating visual identities for companies.

For several years, the studio has been engaged in visual and non-visual projects addressing contemporary issues such as gender, LGBTQIA+ rights, human rights, migration, identities, and conflicts.

Alongside these activities, Dario Carta conducts research into the history of visual communication, with a particular emphasis on propaganda and political communication, and edits related publications. Since 2019, he has served as the general secretary of AIAP, the Italian Association of Visual Communication Design. Additionally, he is a professor of graphic design and the history of visual communication at several advanced schools in Milan and, for the academic years 2023-24, at the University of Bologna.